TW 1 Austria

TW1 broadcasts a variety of programs, which usually follow current events not just in Austria but also the rest of continental Europe. These include interviews with politicians and debate shows, live weather information, which is provided through web cams located all over Austria, travel shows, up to date travel information also via web cams (ASFINAG) & shows of cultural interest.

TW1 was launched in 1997 on the Astra satellite at 19.2° east on the unencrypted ORF Digital package, and on cable networks in German-speaking countries. Initially, the channel was also available for some time on terrestrial analogue television in Salzburg on the Gaisberg Transmitter.

Since October 2005, TW1 has been 100% owned by ORF.

In May 2000, ORF started a regular sports programme on TW1. Both live broadcasts as well as magazine programmes were broadcast several times a week on TW1.

With the launch of ORF Sport Plus in May 2006, most sports programmes where moved to the new channel, and are now no longer being broadcast on TW1.